Tittle: Madina’s father: On the day of her death, she was fasting

Tittle: Madina’s father: On the day of her death, she was fasting

Naimzhan Abdullov, the father of Madina Rakhmatjanova, a 12-year-old schoolgirl killed by Tajik troops in Batken, gave an interview to PFE/RL.

— Madina was buried yesterday, we express our deepest condolences. How are you now? How are your wife and youngest daughter?

-“I buried my daughter Medina yesterday …” (crying). My wife and youngest daughter are now in the hospital in Bishkek. Here I am alone reading the Koran in a yurt.

On the day of the tragedy, I was at work. My wife and two daughters were at our home in the village of International. My wife said, «When we got out, something exploded on the roof of the house and my ears were numb.» When she called for help, no one came. They were hit with a mortar while trying to escape from home. My oldest daughter was lying on the road. My youngest daughter and my wife were also hurt, and my wife was holding the youngest in her arms and looking after the older one.

My wife couldn’t come up to the eldest daughter for a long time because of the constant shootings. All three were taken to a hospital in Isfana. My daughter died on the way to the hospital. When my wife had a surgery, she woke up after anesthesia and she immediately asked about our daughter. I couldn’t tell her about the death of our Madina. I said, «She’s in the children’s room.» A day later, we told her the bad news. My wife and youngest daughter were taken to the hospital in Bishkek. I took my daughter’s body from the morgue and came to the village to bury her.

— Now your wife and daughter are being treated at the Center for Traumatology and Orthopedics in Bishkek. How are they feeling?

My wife says, «I can’t walk well.» She had wounds on both legs and is being x-rayed. My youngest daughter is doing well.

— How many children do you have, please tell us about Madina?

— I have three children. The elder works in Moscow. He flew to Osh last night. At night, he went to his mother at the hospital in Bishkek. Medina was the middle child in the house. My youngest daughter is 10 years old. Medina was a passionate and intelligent girl. From the 1st to the 6th grade she studied only for an A+. I have lost my faithful daughter. She use to read namaz five times a day and fast. On the day of her death, she was also fasting. I can’t tell you anything else.

Became known, that Madina Rakhmatjanova’s mother and sister had a surgery in Bishkek.

Dr. Sabyrbek Dzhumabekov, head of the Bishkek Scientific Center for Traumatology and Orthopedics, told RFE / RL that both are in stable condition.

«Their conditions are stable. Mother and daughter got gunshot wounds in their legs. The bullets went through the muscles. There are also small shards. They are not in a coma.»

Dzhumabekov added that the victims are being provided with psychological assistance.

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