Tajikistan used mortars, combat helicopters, — Russian political scientist Arkady Dubnov about the border conflict

Бишкек, 30.04.2021 Sokol.media

Russian political scientist and expert on Central Asia Arkady Dubnov commented on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border conflict for the «Current Times» channel.

The troops of two countries exchanged gunfire on April 29 after the conflict between citizens of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan near disputed Golovnoi water distribution facility. 13 Kyrgyzstanis died, 134 were injured as a result of the border conflict.

Arkady Dubnov suggested occurrence of such conflict in the moment when the meeting of the Collective Security Treaty Organization Security Council Secretaries was held in Dushanbe «could be convenient» for Tajikistan.

«Don’t you think that it was not in interest of Kyrgyzstan to start clashes in the moment when not very stable leadership is present, when one of leaders Tashiev [National Security Committee Chairman] left abroad for health reasons. That was not in interest of Kyrgyzstan. According to information I have now, Tajikistan used mortars, military helicopters. These actions can speak of strive of the Tajik side to gain control over the road linking Tajikistan with Vorukh enclave,» Arkady Dubnov stated.

«We see fierce resistance of leadership of Tajikistan on possible solutions of the Kyrgyz-Tajik border conflict since very first days,» he said.

«They are very tough on saying Tajikistan will not cede anything in land swap and will never agree for that. I have impression Dushanbe does not want peaceful solution. They need to control situation using tough and military methods and want to demonstrate readiness of the leadership to act in interests of people and to unite people around this tough and mobile leadership,» the expert suggested.

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